Road to Success

1. Creating the Leadership Behaviors
We run a facilitative process engaging your key stakeholders or stakeholder groups. We can account for all existing data on leadership and values in your organization or we can work with the strategy only. Process and means for gathering input are chosen based on what is most convenient for your company. As a tangible outcome, you will have a set of leadership behaviors designed to deliver your strategy. You can rest assured that your model is defined according to best practices, ensuring measurability and reliability in its’ applications – a feature that is often overlooked with costly consequences.

2. Linking to People Processes
We help you to create robust assessment and feedback processes reflecting your leadership model. We do this with insight led practices that aim to drive behavioral change through your 360° process, objectively select the very best leaders for delivering your strategy through your talent audit and acquisition processes and foster performance improvement through your performance review process.

3. Implementing Across the Company
We support you with a company-wide deployment, when needed, by upskilling your staff and enabling them to run the solution with full self-sufficiency. Alternatively, the roll-out process can be outsourced to us either partly or to full extent.

4. Quantifying Success Together
We continue to partner with you for evaluating the business satisfaction and impact of the solution for your organisation, providing further recommendations and insight, and modifying the solution based on your feedback and experiences.